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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy governs your use of the "Tuji" macOS desktop application and the Tuji.app website. By utilizing the Tuji App or visiting the Tuji.app website, you accept and consent to the terms set forth in this Privacy Policy.

Required macOS Permissions

  • Screen Recording: For full functionality, Tuji necessitates permission to record the screen in order to capture screenshots. The user owns all screenshots taken by Tuji and retains control over them. These screenshots are stored and processed on the user's device, ensuring that no information derived from the screenshots is transmitted off the device.
  • Folder Access: Tuji requests access to folders solely when a user opts to save screenshots.

Internet Connection and Data Transfer

While Tuji can perform certain tasks using an internet connection, it is designed to function correctly without one. Users may also restrict Tuji's internet access through third-party tools. Tuji may attempt to connect to its server to:

  • Verify the availability of software updates.

Telemetry and Other Data Collection

Tuji collects anonymized data, which may include but is not limited to:

  • Application performance metrics.
  • Error reports.
  • Usage frequency and parameters of features.
  • Non-personal computer identifiers.
  • Operating system version.
  • Screen resolution and quantity of connected external screens.
  • Language settings and time zone.
  • Application version.
  • Application settings that exclude personal information.

No personal identifiers such as email, name, or address are accessed or transmitted with the telemetry data. Images and the content of text input by the user, whether typed or recognized from images, are also excluded from the telemetry data.

The purpose of collecting this information is to maintain service quality and to enhance the application's features and performance.

Personally Identifiable Information

Tuji does not collect any data that can be used to personally identify an individual.

IP Address

While the Tuji server does not intentionally retain IP addresses, they may be incidentally stored in the Nginx server logs. These logs are not actively examined, processed, or associated with telemetry data, and are automatically deleted on a regular basis.

Third Parties

Tuji does not share the information it collects with any third parties.